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Personal loan

Take out a personal loan

Do you want to refinance/merge your loans, buy another car, remodel your house or make your home more sustainable? A personal loan can help when you want to make such an expense. Click the button below to take out a loan quickly and easily on your own.

Krediet aanvraag formulier


Taking out a loan yourself without accompanying advice is also known as ‘Execution Only’. In other words, you take out a loan yourself without the intervention of Today Finance. With this form of service you pay no costs for taking out the loan. For ‘Execution Only’ loan closings, we would like to refer you to LN Direct. Because LN Direct does not incur any costs for advice, they can offer you the lowest interest rate. You also decide exactly what your loan will look like and when you actually submit the application.

Click here to submit your application directly to LN Direct.


Borrowing money as a DGA or sole trader

Do you, as a DGA or self-employed person, want to borrow money for private purposes? Whether it concerns a loan for a car, a boat, home improvement, home residual debt or making your home more sustainable, it does not matter as long as the purpose of the loan is private.

Basic conditions to apply for a Self-Employed Loan:

  • At least 2 years of self-employment*
  • Positive BKR
  • Credit purpose is private
  • Positive cash flow

A minimum of two full financial years is required to apply for a Self-Employed Credit. However, the best credit options start at a minimum of three years of entrepreneurship.

Personal loan

The Self-Employed Credit is a personal loan. With a personal loan, the interest rate is fixed during the term, so you choose security. You determine the term in advance and therefore know exactly when the personal loan ends. You can also repay without penalty.

Do you want to remodel without mortgaging your home?  With Independent Credit you can easily arrange this. No notary and closing costs. This credit is also specially tailored to the current tax law and falls under home improvement in BOX 1.

Purpose of home improvement

If you spend the money on home improvement, the interest is deductible in BOX 1, provided you choose a loan based on annuity or linear repayment. The Self-Employed Credit meets this requirement.

Residual debt financing for you as a self-employed DGA

The Self-Employed Credit is also suitable as residual debt financing. The loan has a term of 120 months and you may repay penalty-free whenever you want. Unfortunately, the tax deduction in BOX 1 for the purpose of residual debt financing has expired.